Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here, Rover, Rover!

I love dogs and the occasional cat. While growing up, I always had a pet. Memories of Snowball (white fluffy mix), Man of War (Boxer), Bernie (half St. Bernard), Rebel (Great Dane), Samson (St. Bernard), Jennie (Retriever), Bingo (Beagle) and the various kittens my girls insisted on bringing home.

But when it comes to my books, I’ve never placed a pet in them. I don’t know why. Just haven’t. About a year ago, I saw several books in which a pet played a major part in the plot or had something to do with the hero and heroine getting together. Then poof! they were gone.

Now when I was younger, I enjoyed any books with horses on the covers. Maybe that’s the reason I almost always pick up the ones with cowboys. You know, remembering my youth. Yeah, right. LOL!

Do you like reading books that animals play a large part? Do you have animals in your books? What part do they play?


Christy said...

I love books with pets in them, though I don't think I've read that many. My favorite is SEP's It Had To Be You. The scene with her little dog Pooh at her father's funeral is a riot and everytime I read it, even though I know exactly what's going to happen, I laugh like it's the first time I've read it.

I've written one book with pets in them...two dogs. And they play a fairly large part in the book. The h/h share responsibility for caring for them and often refer to them as 'the girls', just as I often do with my two 'girls'.

JoAnn said...

I think giving a hero or heroine a pet is a great tool for character development. :-) Although it seems like heroes never have cats! Are cats considered too feminine? I know my husband -- a dog man -- thought our first cat was nothing more than a pillow that eats (as one comedian calls felines). But Gary became attached to her when he was able to teach her to roll over. :-)

Deborah Matthews said...

I like books with pets, especially cats. The ms. currently at Steeple Hill has an ornery cat, loosely based on mine.

In THE ART OF LOVE the hero has broken into the heroine's house. I have him pick up the cat and talk to it to show he's not really a bad guy.

BTW, Carla, is the beagle yours? Growing up I always wanted a beagle so I could name him Snoopy. (g)

Carla Swafford said...

Nope. Just a picture I got off the internet. Bingo was shorter and stouter.

Linda Howard's MR PERFECT had a cat in it and was so funny. Even worked well in the plot. And we all know she's a dog person.

Larry & Susan said...

Cats are always nice. :)

But pets can be characters that will get easily lost. You'll have readers wondering if the pet is still alive because the heroine/hero never seems to feed it.

Deborah Matthews said...

I seem to remember Linda H. getting a letter from a reader miffed because the character never cleaned the litter box.