Monday, April 02, 2007

2007 Linda Howard Award of Excellence

Congratulations to the winners of the 2007 Linda Howard Award of Excellence contest. The winners were announce at the Romance in the Magic City conference March 31, 2007.

Series Short/Long Contemporary
Final Judge: Susan Litman, Editor, Silhouette

First - Candis Lynn Terry - YOUR PLACE OR MINE? *full requested*
Second - Annie Oortman - DIE AGAIN *full requested*
Third - Amy Davidson - HARD AND FAST *full requested*
Fourth - Cat Schield - THE CHRISTMAS BARGAIN
Fifth - Donna Caubarreaux - ALMOST A VIRGIN

Single Title
Final Judge: Abby Zidle, Executive Editor, Pocket Books
First - Marian Stevens - SINGLE IN THE CITY
Second - Elizabeth R Graham - BABY MAKES TWO
Third - Carrie A Bolin - BLUE HAWAII
Fourth - Jacqueline Floyd - SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY
Fifth - Paul La Ferriere - CROSSING PATHS

Romantic Suspense
Final Judge: Devi Pillai, Associate Editor, Warner (Hachette) Books
First - Karen Beeching - FRIENDLY FIRE
Second - Anna Perrin - DEADLY INTENT
Third - Kimberly Howe - RED DIAMOND
Fourth - Bev Pettersen - WALK, TROT, SHOOT
Fifth - Billie Jean Te - BACKTRACK

Final Judge: Alicia Condon, VP, Editorial Director, Dorchester

First - Elaine Levine - SAGER'S PASSION *full requested*
Second - Alison Hackley - THE ENGLISH BOY *full requested*
Third - Jennifer Haymore - REVENGE *full requested*
Fourth - Clare E Wood - WARRIOR'S REVENGE
Fifth - Melinda Porter - SCANDAL'S DESIRE

Unique Genre
Final Judge: Selena James, Executive Editor, Kensington
First - Gail E Foreman - HER MAN IN THE MOON
Second - Anitra Lynn McLeod - OVERLORD
Third - Ann Hinnenkamp - DYAD QUEST
Fourth - Stephanie M Jacobson - THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND
Fifth - Christina Sinisi - BACKWOODS INVADER

Carla Swafford
President and Contest Coordinator


Ember Case said...

Congrats to all the finalists, and big applause to the winners!
Now... where's the conference dirt? Who got the embarrassing pictures at the bar, and who do we have to bribe to see them?

Marian Stevens said...

Wish I'd been in those bar pics, Ember! I wasn't able to attend the conference(boo hoo)and was stunned and sooo thrilled to find out my ms placed First in Single Title. Especially by this dream editor, from Pocket--a place I'd love to be!

Congratulations to all the other finalist too!

Thanks to the Southern Magic Chapter for such a great contest and the honor.


Marian Stevens