Friday, March 02, 2007

Show me your booty!

Last week I called the finalists in Southern Magic’s Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and sent out certificates. This week I ordered the engraved gold bookmarks for the winners. Only I know who they are! I have never felt so powerful! Bwa-ha-ha! (Well, that’s not quite true—I told Christy who they are in the event of my untimely demise.) I also reserved space for the full-page ad that will feature the winners in the July issue of Romance Writers Report.

Then, in this month’s Romance Writers Report, I saw an ad for the Madcap Award for romantic comedy, given by Heart and Scroll. The prize is a trophy and some kind of jester hat. I want this hat. So I e-mailed them to ask if they accept YA.

And this got me thinking. The Gayle Wilson Award and Linda Howard Award prizes seem very nice to me, but what do I know? I have never won or even finaled in the Award of Diddly-Squat.

I know some of you are contest whores divas and have lots of comparative information. So I’d like to know: what are some of the prizes you’ve won? What prizes did you treasure especially—not because of the competition or the book or manuscript, mind you, but because of the loot involved? Don’t name the contest. I’m just interested in how other people do things. Did you get a certificate for finaling or winning? Did you get a bookmark, a pin, some other trinket? Was your name or your book cover included in Romance Writers Report? And what do you value most? What do you wish a contest would give you?


cchant said...

I've received a ton of certificates. They're decorating my office. :-) I think just about every contest I've finaled in has sent one of those. Some come in nice little folders that you can use like a frame on the wall etc.

The only time I ever won an object, it was a rhinestone scepter and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. (So did my 5 yr old son, he thought I was a fairy princess and I think we played with it all afternoon the day it arrived). It's now in my china hutch with my other "pretty things."

I've received a couple checks as prizes, but nothing more than $25. And a couple times free entry to the contest the next year (a $25 value or so).

So, mostly it's certificates, although I do know a handful of contests that give out nice trophies to the winners. Alas, I've never been a recipient of those. :-)


ps: If this appears more than once, I swear it's the computer's fault! ;-)

JoAnn said...

I've only received certificates, but I actually like those! I framed them and have them hanging on the wall next to my home workspace. When I get melancholy, I look at them and can honestly say "Somebody somewhere likes the way I write."

Not sure I'd feel quite the same about a piece of jewelry.

But a sceptre? Now that's another story... :-)

Victoria Dahl said...

Lots of certificates! (Like the others, they are all over my office wall.) A couple of plaques. They still make me happy. A $25 check.

The best, without a doubt, is the Golden Heart pendant. I wear it everywhere with everything even though nobody else knows what it is. (Except all the first graders in my son's class who think I'm famous. PAH-hahahahaha.)

What would i have loved to received? Well, the sceptre, duh. That's AWESOME! Also, I was lusting for one of those laser-engraved glass thingimabobs that sit on your desk. Or a crown. Yeah, a crown!!!

Carla Swafford said...

Me? I'm third place Carly. They only give certificates for third place. They are pretty though. They're in a file for now. Since I don't have an office, I don't have a place to hang them. First place? But I keep hoping, keep trying. :-) A sceptre? That would be cool.

cchant said...

Okay, I have an update. I just heard one of my MS won the overall in Launching A Star contest. They're going to name a star after me. Isn't that neat? Definitely a first for me for a prize like that. Cute tie-in to the name of the contest.

I'll have to go get a telescope now so I can view my namesake. LOL!!!!

Cathy :-)

cchant said...

>A sceptre? That would be cool.

I think the tiara that Donna C. gives to the reigning Contest Divas over at

is really cool too. I don't enter enough contests, though, to ever qualify for that.

C. :-)

Deborah Matthews said...

The only contest I've ever won, pub or unpub, is the National Readers. Received a nice standing plaque. Connie said it looks like a tombstone. But I like it!

MaryF said...

I have three Golden Heart pins, a Duel on the Delta charm, an Emily pin and a pin from Where the Magic Begins. I would really really love a GH necklace ;) I have certificates, but would love a plaque. And money is always good!