Monday, March 05, 2007

Guys and Gals

On the way to work, I’ll listen to a couple guys on my favorite radio station talk about a little of everything. Some days I can’t handle their silliness, but today they were talking sports, including my favorite, NASCAR. Tomorrow they plan to have only women call in and talk about sports.

With the exception of NASCAR, I really couldn’t care less and usually tune them out. But one thing caught my attention. How they talked about the athletes. You know, they’ll say "he no longer has it." Or "he should have sat on the bench and never played." Harsh words. And in a public forum. They say the names, team names, etc.

I know there are websites that talk about authors and books that way, but I could never imagine saying the same things in a public forum.

But I do listen to their word rhythms and word usage during the conversations with other men and women. I notice there is a difference in how they respond. It comes in handy when I type dialogue for my heros and bad guys.

With the guys, they're more apt to interrupt and tell them what they think. With the women, they listen and ask questions.

What about you? Is it other books, your spouse, movies, TV shows that help you with your dialogue?

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