Friday, March 09, 2007

The Diva Express

Picking up Jennifer’s contest thread:

A few weeks ago, I decided to flag down the contest bus and climb aboard. I’m not a first-time passenger, though. I rode this bus for quite some time back in the first part of this century (and trust me, it seems just as long ago as that sounds). My skills are rusty. I got so confused at the Post Office when I tried to remember all the nuances of the contest-entering procedure that I think I included a letter to my daughter in the packet.

But today I received the self-addressed, stamped “don’t-worry-we-received-your-entry” postcard, so maybe that Brillo pad I’m using to scrape off the rust is working. Seeing the postcard gave me a quick little thrill, and I heard a tiny voice whisper “I’m back!” I have no false hopes of placing in this contest, but I am looking forward to hearing what writers in another part of the country have to say about my work.

Besides our own Linda Howard Award of Excellence, what are your favorite contests and why?


Christy said...

I've not entered a tremendous amount of contests, but I do remember two in particular that I would definitely enter again. That's the Barclay Sterling and the CONNection's Contest.

I didn't place in either contest, but their comments were thorough, helpful and extremely kind. And their compliments were so encouraging, I felt as if I'd finaled even though I didn't. Now, that's hard to do.

Christy said...

BTW, congratulations on getting back on the contest bus. Good luck!

JoAnn said...

Thanks, Christy. It feels good to be taking concrete steps toward progress!