Monday, January 08, 2007

The New Year Brought a New Addition

We have a new addition to our household. The week before Christmas a young, black cat took up on our front porch. This did not sit well with Miss Kitty, grand diva. She looked like she was starving. Her coat was awful looking and she didn't look like she had much longer.

My husband fed her. Of course, that meant she was going no where. After several days of feeding she became more perky. I suggested taking her to the animal shelter. My husband thought she'd make a good outside cat. If you were here, you'd see me rolling my eyes. The nights it was too cold, she stayed in the greenhouse.

So, after Christmas, we took her to the vet, who may wonder if we're witches since both cats are black. We're not. Just turned out that way. Wellness check, shots, and spaying cost me a bit over $200. Of course, she had to come inside to recuperate from her operation for a couple of days. You can probably see where this is going as well as the romances we love to read.

A week later, she's still in the house. Of course, this has gone over so well with Miss Kitty. Not! My husband did put her in the greenhouse one night. I felt so sorry for her. But not to worry, she's back inside enjoyed the fine cuisine of steak and roast beef. And her coat is so shiny and smooth now. Well, except the stomach where they shaved her for her operation.

My love affair with cats has been going on my entire life. I've never owned one who died of old age. Is it any wonder a cat show up in my current WIP and he's not the cute, cuddly type?

What's your idea of a perfect pet? A dog who will lick your face or a goldfish you can watch swim in circles? Or those cute, adorable cats?


Gail Oliver said...

Hey Debbie,

We can certainly sympathize. We just got kitty # 6, Lady Chatterly, a week ago. Larry is working at the vet's office as part of his training to be a vet tech, and this kitty was a throw away left on the doorstep there. After healing the wound on her neck, they put her up for adoption, and no one wanted her because she was no longer a tiny kitten. So at 4 months old she was at risk of being caged too long to be adoptable.

Of course, Larry fell in love with her. He had me come in and I liked her a lot too. So we had all her surgery done before bringing her home, and introducing her to the 4 big boys and the Princess. The boys have accepted her, but the girl is still in a snit. She wants to be an only cat, just her and her "Daddy."

I've always loved dogs, but cats are certainly easier for those with our types of health problems. If we were rich, we'd be known as the "crazy cat people" with more animals than any one had ever seen in a single house. Plus a few dozen dogs in a fenced in enclosure with some indoor access as well. Maybe when we're published and famous. :-)

Susan & Larry

JoAnn said...

I love all kinds of pets, except rats and snakes. No thanks!

I grew up with cats; my husband grew up with dogs. Our first "child" was a solid white stray cat that was stuck in a tree. I wanted him to climb the tree and get it down. He looked at me and said, "JoAnn, how many times have you seen a cat skeleton at the top of a tree? The cat will come down when it's ready!" We had a terrible thunderstorm that night; the next morning, the poor thing was still at the top of the tree. I climbed it and prayed I would fall and break my neck. She stayed with us for 14 years and never did thank me for getting her out of that tree. :-)

JoAnn said...

make that "wouldn't fall and break my neck." :-)

Deborah Matthews said...

Wow! 6 cats. I love cats but they'd drive me bonkers if they act like my two.

Once Miss Kitty got up a tree and couldn't get down. There were no limbs to climb and the ladder wouldn't reach. She can climb a ladder so David held the ladder up to her and she climbed down.