Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Hump Day (no pun intented) everyone!!! I really didn't intent to post a similar post as Deborah but it's going on in my world right now--cats.

Let me start by telling you about my weekend. I spend Friday night at the animal hospital in Montgomery with my sick little girl, Buffy. I need to warn everyone with cats or know anyone with cats to have their animals checked for heartworms. Buffy had all types of tests run on her and everything came back normal. She was sent home with medicine for flu. She got worse over the weekend and was diagnosed with heartworms on Monday. Both of my cats are indoor cats.

I didn't realize cats could get heartworms but they can, even indoor cats. With dogs, there are treatments, but with cats, unless it's caught early, there's less then a 50% change of survival. The cat can be infected for months but when the worms hit, they hit hard and fast.

Unfortunately, Buffy passed away Monday night due to complications. I now have a little angel.
My other cat, Pooh Bear, will be tested next week then will start taking Prevention (rather he likes it or not). For the past couple of days, we both have been laying around the house in a daze. Pooh and Buffy were attached at the hip for four years. This morning I woke up and knew I needed to get another cat, for both of us to heal faster. I went to one of the vets in Montgomery and they had two kittens (sisters) waiting for a good home. Of course I had to take both of them. :-) One is a calico (Callie) and the other is black and white (Bella). They are 8 weeks old so it's like having two toddlers running around the house!!

Now, here's my problem. Pooh is five years old and weighs 15 lbs. I know eventually they will become buddies but in the meantime, I have to play referee. So far so good but tomorrow will be the test. I have to work all day (but will check on them at lunch) so hopefully the house will be standing when I come home. Does anyone have animal stories they would like to share? Did any new additions to the family cause headaches, remodeling or fire??

Also, if you've lost a pet, how did you get back into writing? I haven't be able to form a sentence since this weekend. How did you get through it?


gaill said...

My husband is not a writer, but when he lost his lifetime most favorite cat, Pepper, he was so overwhelmed with his grief that he had to do something, and so he wrote. He wrote the things he loved about this cat; what made him so special. He wrote the stories about the antics and the belly scratching and the food stealing. He wrote the beauty of this cat, not only in his two inch long white fur and 20 pound girth, but the beauty of this cat's heart. It helped him heal the grief and guilt he felt over Pepper's untimely death. That was almost 13 years ago. Today, there are still Pepper stories that get told, and memories of him shared. He wasn't just a pet, he was a part of our family.
I think that as writers, one way we have of healing ourselves is to write. Maybe not on what we need to be working on, but maybe writing what is in our hearts.

Deborah Matthews said...

Barb, So sorry to hear about Buffy. It's always so hard to lose a cat, who is a member of the family.

I'm not sure I was writing at the time I lost my last cats. I like Gaill's idea about writing about her.

For me, it took Miss Kitty adopting us several years after I had Jill put to sleep. My cats now get leukemia shots.

JoAnn said...

Barbara, It was several years after we lost our first kitty (she of the top of the tree) before adopted again. This time, like you, we got two sister kittens. We love them dearly! And yes, they've given us headaches and helped with the remodeling by climbing the walls (literally). No fires yet. We experienced that with the first cat, who knocked over a smoldering candle in the middle of the night. The damage was minimal, and no one was injured. But it was a mess! We still loved her. :-)

I'll echo Debby and Gail -- write about this wonderful creature who blessed your life. Don't worry about what you say; just write.

Gail Oliver said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, Barb. We haven't lost any of our babies since we've been together, but we've both experienced the pain in the past. I think Gaill has the best idea, to write about the memories of your beloved Buffy.

As to handling the new kittens, we keep our newest ones separate from the others when we aren't here. After the first week, if all is going well, we allow the newby to sleep in the bedroom with the rest of the cats and us, but still keep them separate when we leave home. In fact, our Princess Tabitha stays apart from the boys whenever we go out, because she and Tipper fight. So right now, we leave cats in three different rooms when we go out. Oh, the joy of Pet Parenthood. :-)

Susan & Larry

MoonCat said...

Barb, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my cat Xander it'll be 3 years March 1st. He had a seizure and died in my arms. He was very special to me. I can only say it gets a little easier everyday though some days can be harder. My problem was Xander would sleep on my pillow with his head in my hand. It took forever for sleep to come easily to me. I still have problems going to sleep without him. At the time of his death we had him, Dana who was 12 and Bridget who was not even a year yet. I knew the only way those two got through it ok was they had each other. I was afraid if anything happened to Dana, Bridget wouldn't do so well. Even though I didn't think I was ready for a new kitten, I set about searching for one.

The first was a 15 pound year and a half male cat. Ten minutes after he came in the house, little 7 pound Bridget chased him behind the litter boxes. Got all over me for touching him and let Dana know how mad she was at her for not doing anything about the new cat.

He went back to the lady who didn't really want to give him up anyway.
My husband came home from work and said to Bridget "I hear you're in a bad mood." She hissed at him and walked away grumbling.

The next was a 6 week male kitten. He too was back to the folks I got him from within 20 minutes.

Finally came my Buffy. I got her from the animal shelter. Buffy marched up to Briget and Dana just as pretty as you please,introduced herself and tried to make friends. Bridget grumbled and off they went. Briget under the couch, Buffy under the chair and me crying on the couch.

It didn't take long for them to finally figure out their places. By the end of the week they were friends. But Bridget still likes for us all to know Dana is the momma at 14 years old now, Buffy is the baby at almost 2 years old and Bridget at almost 3 now is the boss.

MaryF said...

I'm so sorry about Buffy, Barb!