Friday, January 12, 2007


In the past hour, I finished revising a single title romantic comedy for adults. So I thought I'd blog about it and title the entry "The Book That Wouldn't Die." But that sounded awfully familar. Didn't I blog about this before, with a picture of Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction? Sure enough, I did, the LAST time I revised this book. New agent, new revision.

My critique partner asked me if I wasn't sick of this book. After all, I finished it the FIRST time in September 2004, and goodness knows how many revisions it's gone through since then. But I'm not sick of it. It's about a country band struggling to get their music careers started--which has lots of parallels with trying to get a publishing career started. I set it in Birmingham while I was living in Atlanta, wishing I could move back here. And I wrote it when I was frustrated with banging my head against the wall. I stopped trying to write what other people wanted. I wrote what I wanted. So for lots of reasons, it's a book of my heart.

I fully expect my agent to ask me for more revisions. If I were to be lucky enough to sell it, I could count on at least one more revision plus a copyedit and proofs. It's a good thing I'm my own biggest fan.

Do you have a book that won't die? Or is there a point when you shelve it, never to see the light of day?


Carla Swafford said...

Though I'm not published, I've had the book of my heart rejected 5 times. I've been waiting for almost two years to hear from #6 and little over a year for #7.

For now I've shelved it. I believe it's good enough to be published. Otherwise, I wouldn't have sent it out. But sometimes you have to say, it's not time for it now. So I'm working a couple other books that I will start sending out and hope one of those will get an editor's attention.

I wouldn't suggest anyone to shelve in a dark place. Only in a place you can reach easily when everyone else catches up with you.

jennifer echols said...

Only in a place you can reach easily when everyone else catches up with you.

That's right! Sometimes our artistic vision is ahead of our time... :)

Christy said...

I think I have characters that won't die, not a book. My first book was loved by all who read mom, sisters and best friend. So, I made a decision a few months back to ditch the book, but keep the characters. My plan is to write a completely new book, in a completely different story and setting but with the characters I love.

I'm not sure this is possible, but I'm willing to try because I love them so much.

MaryF said...

I absolutely have a book like this. It finalled in the GH twice, got me my agent, who proceeded to have me revise the hell out of it - something like 6 different rounds. Now it's out at maybe 3 different publishers through her. I hope if it sells, I'm over my I-never-want-to-see-this-book-again feeling!

jennifer echols said...

Oh, Mary, GOOD LUCK with this!!! That's so exciting! It if sells, I bet you'll get over that feeling really quickly. :)

MaryF said...

Thanks, Jennifer!