Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Romantic Suspense Junkie

The top ten clues that you're a Romantic Suspense Junkie.

10. You suspect every grieving widower of having "a hand" in the death of his wife.

9. You see a report of a wreck on the interstate and shout at the television "the boyfriend did it!"

8. You believe you can solve any crime if your husband was a sexy police detective.

7. You suspect the clean-cut guy in your office of being a potential serial killer because he has "that look."

6. You eye the small sunken area in the backyard and wonder if a body is buried there.

5. You eye the small sunken area in the backyard and wonder if your husband plans to bury you there.

4. You feel a need to explain to the checkout boy that you really use the black plastic bags for leaves.

3. You leave the shower curtains open during a shower.

2. You drive past your house believing the car in the rearview mirror is tailing you.

1. You become worried that your husband is plotting your death because he’s being too nice after watching a marathon of Cold Case.

What clues have you found?

1 comment:

Karen Beeching said...

Carla, this blog had me cracking up! And now that I've gone through your checklist, I have to definitely say I'm a junkie.

Sad but true.