Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Perfect Gift

Here it is, another Christmas and I am once again feeling battered from the elbows of all those last minute shoppers or bruised from shopping carts smashing into me as I literally race through the aisles, hoping the latest and greatest 'thing-a-ma-jig' hasn't been taken.

I always feel harried and worn out this time of year...unlike many wise shoppers who begin their shopping the day after Christmas for next Christmas. I tell myself every year I'm going to do this and I never do.

As I showered this morning in preparation to go out once again to search for that perfect gift, I realized that I'll never find it. Yes, I can buy gifts my loved ones can use or think they want. They'll bring smiles to my niece or nephew's little faces and provide a few hours of entertainment, but it'll never be that perfect gift. And here's why. That perfect gift can't be purchased with money.

What is the perfect gift? What would I give if I had the power to do so? I would give peace on earth. I would do away with disease, illness, abuse, poverty, mean thoughts, pettiness, jealously, envy and all the things that create sadness. In its place, I would give laughter, joy and thanksgiving to all.

Since it's not within my power to do this, then allow me to wish it for all of mankind and most especially my Southern Magic family. May peace, joy, happiness and health follow you into the new year and beyond.

Now I'm off to find that almost perfect gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!