Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pick Your Vice

Every night I sit at my desk and try to make myself write. But I find ten thousand other things to do. From answering emails about our chapter contest to promoting the luncheon to playing Pop-It. Most of today, I knew I needed to write this blog, but found myself downloading pictures off my camera, chasing wasps, looking for something to eat, and contemplating cleaning my desk. It’s a mess. See. If I had widened the frame a little you would have seen a stack of books to one side. Part of my to-read-pile.

I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I love to read the finished product, but hate how slow I write, how I doubt every word I place on paper, and how my vocabulary fails me most times. When I play Spider Solitaire or Pop-It, I can forget all my worries and mindlessly click on cards or balloons in a game induced daze.

My questions are, what do you like to do to waste time (besides answering this blog)? And more important, how do you organize your desk?


Deborah Matthews said...

What's organization? My desk looks worse than yours. To my left is a stack of papers that I need to do something with. On the floor is some new research books I need to put on my list and put up.

Wasting time is easy. Mainly playing Granny in Paradise and checking on my virtual villagers. Or bothering Miss Kitty.

Carla Swafford said...

Just think, Debbie, this is the cleaned up version. You should have seen it before the luncheon. I felt like I was sitting in a cave, stacks of paper on each side.

Anonymous said...

My number one time waster has to be surfing the net when im home. my desk is arranged so that im at a totally seperate desk with my laptop which does not have internet access. (I have two desks and one has the desktop w/ internet connection and the other doesnt.)Cattt.

Anonymous said...

I see u also keep a ruler handy. i use mine for underlining.Cattt.