Friday, November 17, 2006

Memorable Male Looks

JoAnn blogged about memorable kisses, but what about looks. That way a man looks at a woman when he knows for the first time he wants her. For me, there is one memorable "look" from the movie HAREM. First, a synopsis about the movie--

From Jessica, a young British girl (Nancy Travis), goes off to Arabia with her father to be with her fiancée (Julian Sands) when he's called there suddenly on diplomatic duty. On a tourist journey she's kidnapped by what appears to be a Beduion tribe and sold into the harem of the Sultan (Omar Shariff). The man that took her captive (Art Malik) is not actually a Beduion but an Oxford educated revolutionary who traded Jessica for the release of his friends from the Sultan's prison. As her fiancée struggles to free her from the harem he inadvertently hires the very man who put her there to get her out. Meanwhile, Jessica is fending of the Sultan's advances and coming to know a new way of life. Romance, political intrigue, and the jealousies of the harem all threaten Jessica's narrow view of the world. If she escapes will she actually be able to return to life in Victorian England?

When Art Malik's character goes to retrieve her, he enters as an eunuch. His first sighting is as she's being carried into the sultan for the first time. The look on his face is so-- Excuse me, while I fan myself. Erotic. So much is written into his face without uttering a word. Without touching her. And no, Carla, he doesn't go through the procedure to actually be a eunuch.

Any male looks that make you go up in flames?


JoAnn said...

I have to return to The Last of the Mohicans for for my favorite hot look. When Hawkeye sees Cora in the surgery, and just can't take his off her. Then she says "What are you looking at, sir?" And he answers (be still my heart!) "I'm looking at you, miss." And then he gives her a smile that just melts me to a puddle. Sigh!!!!

Carla Swafford said...

Whew! Debbie, you had me worried. It would have been such a waste.

My favorite was in la femme Nikita...wait! Everytime Michael stared at Nikita, I became boneless. So fine. So fine.

Deborah Matthews said...

Oh! Didn't think of the Mohicans. DDL is mighty fine.

Not familiar with Nikita, Carla. Maybe it's time for me to go to bed, since I don't understand your worried comment. (g)