Monday, October 02, 2006

What is the next fad in romance?

When it comes to writing, everyone wants to know what’s the next big thing. I wish I could tell you. I do know that I might be writing it. Or you might be writing it. Or someone may have already written it.

No. I’m not psychic. No. I’m not some business genius. I’m observant and this is what I believe is happening.

I do know that paranormal isn’t finished yet. I believe that vampires, unless it’s completely different, are waning. That’s sad for me, since I love vampires, but the books I’ve read and seen lately often do not hold my interest. Nothing wrong with them overall, they just don’t get me excited about reading more. But remember that there are more aspects to paranormal we can explore. Some that may surprise us to the point, we wish we had thought of it.

I do know that romantic suspense is still selling strong. But I have several non-writing friends (yes, really) that love romantic suspense, but they admit that they’re becoming burnt out on serial killers and women who are too brave for their own good. I believe that you will see a few more years of romantic suspense before a new verison of romantic suspense takes its place. What is that? I have no idea. I will say that everyone loves a mystery. But like I said, I’m no psychic.

We already see chicklit evolving into a new genre with lasting appeal. Young adult books I believe will become stronger and bring in new readers. I’m happy to hear westerns are making a comeback. I miss the gunslingers. We see Regencies have evolved into longer and sexier reads. It might be a while, but I believe medievals will come back strong again. Of course, that might be more hopeful-wishing on my part.

Do you want to write the next fad? Then start reading everything. I don’t mean just current fiction. Read some current and past history. You will be surprised how many ideas out there are waiting for your own personal stamp.

Now if only I could figure out the stock market...

What fads do you see fading or becoming strong?

P.S. I thought I would share with you a picture I took in Alaska two years ago.

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