Friday, September 29, 2006

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

It's once again time for Cullman's Oktoberfest.
Cullman's roots are of German origin. Cullman is named after the colonel who founded it, though the name is Americanized. Just like they Americanized my great grandfather's name from Mueller to Miller.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with writing. The idea had always been there, deep inside me, to write a historical set in the Cullman's early days, but put off because it entailed so much research. Lately, the idea seems to be growing, demanding attention. I've even thought of a new scenario for the new Steeple Hill historical line. Like any good historical writer, I immediately ordered some reference books.

I have no real way of picking and choosing from my ideas. Which story I work on is quite haphazard. How do you choose between your ideas? Do you ever start one just to set it aside?

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Carla Swafford said...

Several factors become involved with my choice. (Yep - another list from me.)

1) Is the story in my head and will not go away?
2) Is it a marketable story?
3) After the first three chapters, do I still feel the same about the story?

That last one can hang up the story. I'm having a hard time finishing my current story and it's tied with number three. I'm not as excited by the story, but it has received the best reviews. I'm treating it as proof I can produce the stories as a published writer. Besides not all books have to be the book of your heart. They can be just a good read.