Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oops! I Was Supposed to Blog Yesterday

Perhaps it's better late than never. Life interrupted with the stress of a new job plus numerous doctors appointments and various tests.

Over on Miss Snark's blog there is a extensive debate going on about one vs. two spaces after a period. It always amazes me that writers can be so anal about something that doesn't make or break getting published. It's not as if using two spaces makes you unprofessional. I've had two books and one novella published by a large NY publisher and used two spaces after each and every period.

I wouldn't say I agonize, but I sometimes struggle to convey my character's emotions without telling.

Is there anything you agonize over?

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MoonCat said...

I agonize over my characters and their dialogues. On days where I can't connect with the story and I'm trying to get something out I don't want my attitude and issues getting in the way with their stuff.