Friday, August 25, 2006

What Would You Do If You Never Became Published?

I’ve been thinking, heaven forbid, if I never became published, what would I do with all my extra time? I love lists – sorry, I’m such a freak.

1) Stare at the birds nesting in the trees and imagine the female bird is wondering where her bad-boy boyfriend has flow off to as she tends to her “secret” babies.
2) Take long drives in the country and pretend the car riding my bumper is a secret agent. He wants me to go with him to another country and save the world from mass destruction.
3) Go to the movies and watch the current pirate movie. I immerse myself in the scenes as I make believe the leading men are fighting for my hand in marriage.
4) Clean house (finally) and picture a tall, rich tycoon sweeping me off my feet and hiring a mansion full of servants to do the work.
5) Sink into my tub for an hour long soak and play like two (yep, I’m freaky) gorgeous men are taking care of my aches and pains.

Well, you get the idea. Even if I were never published (and not from the lack of trying), my imagination would keep 0n going. I guess I’ll keep writing them down and hope one of the stories hits the right editor at the right time.

How about you? Haven’t you wondered what you would do with all that extra time?


jennifer echols said...

I HAVE wondered this. I have a vision of myself as a "normal" person. I would fulfill all the other roles I have in my life--mother, wife, employee--but in a more efficient and focused fashion.

God, that sounds boring.

MaryF said...

These are GREAT!