Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something for nothing

Everyone who attended the RWA National Conference in Atlanta was given lots of book promotional freebies. But will those freebies convince you to buy a book, or were they a waste of perfectly good loblolly pines?

Personally, I’ll be keeping all the books. Carla asked Southern Magic members to bring books we don’t want to the next meeting to be divided into bags and re-gifted at our reader’s luncheon in November. Dutifully I went through the stacks from Atlanta, sure I would find five or six I would never read...but all of them look too good! This is an effective (and, I might add, very sneaky) way for multi-published authors to get me hooked and convince me to buy their entire backlists.

I also keep bookmarks, because they’re so pretty (except mine, which used a too-low art resolution, so the hero & heroine look like they’re surrounded by gnats. Sex-y!) and because I need them. I tend to read five books at a time. Lately my life has turned into a performance of Short Attention Span Theater--but that’s another blog entry.

My favorite trinket (I can’t spell tchotchke) is the notepad with the magnet on the back. A Julie Leto book is helping me keep track of my grocery list right now. Before that, it was Tanya Michaels. My favorite trinket would be chocolate, but I'm no longer advocating stapling chocolate to business cards. I got chocolate in Atlanta. It had melted and re-hardened and turned a little white. I thought really, really hard about eating it anyway.

And everything else went into circle file.

What about you? As a reader, what promotional giveaways do you find effective?


Deborah Matthews said...

I threw away the paper stuff (bookmarks, covers). Kept way too many books though I did give some to Carla. Also, picked up pens and emery boards to use.

Stayed away from the chocolate since I ate too many desserts as it was. I was surprised I didn't gain all 6 lbs. back I'd lost.

I don't think any of it has ever convinced me to buy a book.

Carla Swafford said...

I kept pens, booksmarks and anything "cute" like star-shaped clips. And of course books.

Most of the books are going to Southern Magic's luncheon, but a few I want to check out and one in particular I kept. Susan Sizemore's. The only book I had the author to sign to me. Planned to buy it, but received it free. Awesome! Plus I'm still a geek over meeting favorite authors.

The booksmarks and pens don't make me buy the books they advertise, but the name recognition helps when it comes to deciding on buying a new book later. That's human nature. We buy what sounds familiar to us. Plus I like getting bookmarks that match the books I'm reading or have read. I know. I have a problem. ::g::

jennifer echols said...

I completely forgot about Janice Lynn's pen! Also a keeper. ;)

MaryF said...

I didn't get a Janice Lynn pen! But pens, I keep. Paper stuff, no. I have a TON of bookmarks - don't need anymore. And I'm only keeping about half the books.

Kiki said...

I hate paper promo items like booksmarks, business cards and leaflets. unless I actively want to remember the book cause I care, I won't keep the material around, and I've yet to pick up a book because of one of these promo items.

I love magnets, especially if they're well done, and anything I can *use*, like notes, pens (can you ever have too many pens?) or bulldog clips (is that what they're called?), I'll keep.

The one thing I'm an absolute sucker for are mugs and hats (not baseball caps, real hats) or other clothing items. But no one ever gives me one of those...

I also wish more people would design their bookmarks to look like more than flyers. To convey a theme. you know. Like the bookmarks you can buy, rather than looking like a tiny ad spread.
But that's just me, I'm picky with my promo love.