Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back from RWA Conference Alive and Well

So glad to be home. Back from RWA National Conference and working on getting my proposals in the mail. Personally, I prefer to attend the smaller, regional conferences, but couldn't pass up National so close. There are few where I don't have to fly.

I concentrated on the Publisher Spotlights. It still amazes me some of the questions people ask during these sessions. On the Avon blog (http://www.avonromanceblog.blogspot.com/) Lucia Macro commented that "once again" she was asked about word count "but really we just want good books". The historical isn't dead.

The Golden Heart/Rita ceremony was great. The clips from movies featuring writers were brilliant. Nora Roberts and Gayle Wilson should take their shtick on the road. (g)

So, what was your experience with National? Did you accomplish anything career wise?


Kelley St. John said...

The Conference was FABULOUS!!! The speeches from Meg Cabot and Christina Dodd were outstanding, and the GH/RITA ceremony was absolute perfection. I laughed so hard that it hurt :) Gayle Wilson and Nora Roberts were terrific!


Christy said...

I absolutely agree with Kelley. Everything was wonderful, from the fabulous hotel, to the incredible speakers and the exciting and hilarious awards ceremony. I loved it all.

I made new friends, saw old friends, received several requests and ate lots of good food. What more could a writer want?

Kudos to all who were involved in making this such a spectacular event!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like u guys had a good time. I didn't go, but heard about it at the last minute. I hope u all came away with good information and a great time.