Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

Hard to believe it was three years ago that I tagged along with Elizabeth to the DragonCon in Atlanta. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a fancy name for a SciFi convention. While I was there I learned so much, had a wonderful time, and met lots of people (Hey, Sherrilyn Kenyon!).

Let’s talk about one of the things I learned. I learned that authors of romance are not the only ones to feel like the redheaded step-child of publishing. The science fiction writers feel that way. Not too long ago, I read on one of loops that erotica writers feel they were treated like that. And recently I’ve discovered mystery writers feel the same way.

Okay, people. I’ve decided that we’re all redheaded step-children compared to the "literary" set. Then again, considering that we probably out number them, the literary set may be the true redheads. (No insults intended to redheads.)

Personally, I can’t read a "literary" book. They bore me to snoresville. And the Lord knows I've tried. So I've decided that every book I read must have a romance in it (except history books, though they usually do, too.) and I don’t mean sex. They can close the door, but I want that emotional connection. To me, the sex is just a bonus. (Oddly, in a movie, seeing a good kiss will make me happy and be a-o-k. Of course, I won't pass up a naked manly chest.)

So my questions are, do you like so called literary books? And for goodness sakes, what type? Do you need sex in the romance books you read or do you prefer the closed door?


Deborah Matthews said...

No, I don't like "literary" books. They're boring or sad. They NEVER make me laugh and as I get older, I'd rather laugh than cry.

Sex is good. I don't mind really hot sex. But I don't have to have it in my romances as long as there's chemistry and connection between the hero and heroine.

There's a movie, HAREM, starring Nancy Travis that I will never forget one look. When Art Malik's character sees Nancy being carried to the sultan, there's a wealth of emotion in that look. Very sexy!

Problem Child said...

I teach English you really want me started on this topic?

Just because a book is "literary," that doesn't make it good. And folks who read literary stuff are no better than those who only read commerical fiction.

I catch enough flak for wanting to write romance because, after all, I should be writing "Great Literature."


gaill wills said...

I love Ernest Hemingway's books. I think I love them so much because he writes himself into his books, and not always the main character, and he is many times the woman in his story. I never read any of his books until last year and I am amazed that it took me so long to find him. I also like that his books deal with elements of the human condition that have been around forever and will continue to be around forever.