Monday, July 24, 2006

Cover story

I'm hoping against hope that my new YA novel for Simon & Schuster, due out in Spring 2007, gets a cover along these lines:

And my taste in covers isn't limited to YA. In the Vestavia Hills Public Library this week, of all the books in the "new releases" display, this is the one I picked up to read the description:

I just have a thing for artsy photographic innuendo.

Does a certain type of cover catch your eye and say, "This is the book for you"? Chick lit cartoons? Hot Blaze photos? Historical clinch paintings? Three-armed women?


Carla Swafford said...

Personally, I prefer covers with the guy being the main focus. The STICKY FINGERS one would have me picking up the book. Paula Graves' book, FORBIDDEN TERRITORY, has a cover I like a lot. Plus the book was very good - nice twists and turns I hadn't expected.

I never understood the reason of putting women on the covers. I promise you the heroine may be someone I identify with, but I buy the book for the type of hero.

Clinch scenes do not bother me. I loved Johanna Lindsey's old books covers with the naked heroes and mostly clothed heroines.

Sara Hantz said...

The cover I remember more than any other - Life Swap by Jane Green (the one printed in Australia - I have no idea if it's the same cover world over).

It was the colours more than anything that attracted me. I used to gaze at it for ages, LOL

jennifer echols said...

Hm, it seems to be just pink here in the US. It sounds like a great book, though!