Thursday, April 27, 2006

Romance Novel or Novel with Strong Romantic Elements.

When writing romance, the primary story is the romance, while other matters take second place. This can be true in either a romantic suspense, a paranormal romance, or any of a number of special subgenres.

My muse tends to lead me in a slightly different direction. While my books have strong romances, it tends to be the second theme and not the primary one. The paranormal elements rule my books, and they put my characters in difficult and dangerous situations. Fighting together to survive puts my hero and heroine together, and they fall in love, usually despite themselves and their own desires.

I have read wonderful novels in both genres. And I will continue to enjoy both in the future.

What about you? Does your muse point you toward a particular genre or style of writing? Or does it vary from story to story?


Carla Swafford said...

When it comes to reading, I like historicals and some paranormals. Occasionally, I’ll read romantic suspense.

When it comes to writing, I always lean toward paranormal, but I do love to write about the relationship dynamics of a man and a woman. How your up-bringing affects your relationships and how different personalities find a way to mesh after falling in love. I try to write realistic people with flaws and doubts.

Deborah Matthews said...

I read a lot of genres and subgenres of romance. I'd say my favorite are historicals and generally on the "light" side. I find as I get older I'd rather laugh than cry. Which is probably why I write light historicals.

Melanie Hayden said...

I'm drawn to plots where romance is a strong secondary theme, personally, and that's what I look for in my reading too. Straight romance doesn't do it for me--I'm more interested in character development, and too often I am disappointed by the development allowed in books that focus primarily on the romance.

Paula said...

My first book was a straight romance. After that, suddenly guns and bodies and bombs and stuff started popping up, and I quickly realized I was a romantic suspense writer. It's what I love to read, along with thrillers and some horror.

I like some paranormal, about as much as you'll find in my book FORBIDDEN TERRITORY. Not as crazy about vampires, werewolves and the like, my passion for Buffy and Angel and X-Files notwithstanding.