Friday, March 17, 2006

Welcome to the Romance Magicians' Blog

I figured we needed to start the blog off right. You may recognize Luke. He helped me entertain some published authors while I did my presentation to a group of unpublished authors. Men do inspire us women. I know I write because I enjoy so many things about men. A man's eyes can tell a woman so much about him. If he's hurting inside or thinking of something naughty. What inspires you to write?


Christy said...

Hey Carla and everyone. This is my second attempt. My first one is rambling around somewhere in cyberspace, looking for a home. So here goes another.

First of all, Luke is definitely an inspiration. Wow, sorry I missed that meeting.

What inspires me to write is usually something that catches me off guard and hits me on an emotional level. It may make me angry, sad, happy, whatever. But, if it touches me, somehow I'm inspired to write.

I don't write about what touched me but it's like a button inside me was pushed and I'm ready to go.

That's why if I'm stuck on a scene or a particular plot problem, I'll take a break and read one of my favorites books or take a walk in the woods. It sets my mind free, touches something inside me that was previously locked up and then, I'm set free, ready to go again.

BTW. Great topic!

Paula said...

For me, a lot of my manuscripts start with a single snippet of an idea. I wrote a book one time completely around a lyric in the Richard Marx song "Hazard." "I swear I left her by the river" became CRYBABY FALLS. A throwaway character in a friend's novel led me to the antacid chewing cop hero of FORBIDDEN TERRITORY. And a news snippet about a casino tour bus crash in New Jersey led to WILD CARD. And a small moment in a Tom Clancy book about a Secret Service agent helping the president's young daughter with her homework led to CODE NAME: WILLOW.

Ideas are everywhere, and life is inspiration.

Deborah Matthews said...

Sometimes it's just a snippet of an idea or sometimes a character that needs his/her story told.

BTW, love the picture.

Betty said...

News stories generally trigger some thought that leads to a story idea. I also watch people and often wonder what their story is, and that leads to a story idea. I'm more driven by plot than characters -- I determine the plot then dream up the characters. The characters then shape the plot to suit their own purposes!

Janice Lynn said...

Carla, I found the photo you posted quite inspiring. ;) Does that count? Seriously, sometimes it is simply a photo or something one of my kids or friends say, but most of the time I have no idea where my ideas come from. Mostly this person shows up inside my head and demands I tell his or her story. :)