Monday, March 27, 2006

Those Misunderstood Heroines

We’ve talked about men inspiring us and what it takes to be a hero. All good subjects. Actually my favorite. Now let’s talk about the women. Though we all dislike the too-stupid-to-live heroine – you know, the one that hears the strange noise outside and decides she MUST open the front/side/back door to investigate – I have to say at times she can be useful if written the right way.

For example, you can’t imagine a female police officer hiding in the corner. She’ll definitely be the one opening the door. Only she’ll have a gun and would know how to use it. That same type of heroine – the TSTL, not the officer – can be used as quirky heroines. Though they don’t appear to have the sense the Good Lord has given them, they are so much fun when they are constantly finding trouble. But I must mention again – the writing has to be handled just right.

Another heroine many of us dislike is the opposite of the TSTL one. She’s the wimpy heroine. This much maligned heroine is okay in the first couple chapters or so of a book, but I have to see growth soon. By a quarter or so in, she must have the beginning of a backbone. She can be shaking inside, but by God, she better get it together and find some conhones (figuratively, unless they belong to the hero…well, we won’t go there for now) or I won’t read another page.

What do you like or dislike seeing in an heroine?

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Deborah Matthews said...

Yes, I hate the TSTL heroines. For me, it started with the old horror movies. If she was running from the monster/murderer, you just KNEW she was going to fall and twist her ankle.

One of my favorites is when the heroine saves the hero's bacon. I like the PRETTY WOMAN scene where Richard Gere asks Julia Roberts what happens when he saves the girl. Her answer is something along the lines of she saves him right back.