Sunday, March 19, 2006

Romance Magicians -- Reawakening that stubborn muse

Romance Magicians

We've talked about what inspires you to write. But, lets talk about what you do when you just can't write. Your muse is happily sleeping away and your sit at your computer, staring at a blank screen, struggling for every word or phrase.

How do you bring her back?

For me, it's a long drive (which with gas prices can be a little too expensive) or window shopping. Something that frees my mind from having to think about writing or not writing. Sometimes it's just forcing the words on the page -- making myself do it. It kind of feels like peanut butter of the brain -- all gumpy and lumpy. But then, suddenly, something lets loose and I'm at it again.

So what do you do to reestablish that creativity and ignite that spark? What gets your motor running again?


Carla Swafford said...

I go back and read a chapter or two and then I'm ready to go. Whenever that doesn't do it. I pull out a DVD a movie or TV series that I love and watch it. Usually something will kick in the creative juices.


Angel said...

A good brainstorming session with other writing friends! Whether it is trying to work out my own problem or discussing their books, this never fails to jumpstart my creativity. And if I get a good idea for getting my through the problem area, all the better!


Deborah Matthews said...

I find walking can awaken my thoughts whether I've hit a brick wall on a WIP or trying to work up a new idea.

Katherine said...

Like Carla, I get inspired by watching my favorite movies. I am fascinated by the history channel, too. It is a good place to get inspiration. Whether you are writing historical's or contemporaries, being able to see how someone else's life played out with the decisions they made and the environment of the day, can really give a kick to your work.