Sunday, March 10, 2019

Moonlight & Magnolia's 2018

Article presented to Southern Magic by Larynn Ford

The 36th annual Moonlight & Magnolia's writers conference held October 4 - 7 was as spectacular as ever. The Georgia Romance Writers outdid themselves as usual.

My first workshop Friday morning Just My Type: Understanding Character Motivations and Conflict through Enneagramg, with CiCi Coughlin explained how this personality type system helps us understand why our characters compliment each other or many times go head to head in some form of conflict. You can see the diagram and explanations here.

I assumed the workshop titled, A Horse of Course, would talk about the importance of accurate description in your writing and it did, if you write about horses . . . of course:) The class was exactly as the title suggested . . . getting the description of the breed of horse correct. I've never written about a horse so never considered the breeds were named for their color. It's all in the detail!

Sharvine Hill, crime scene manager of the Gwinnett County Police Department presented my favorite workshop. We learned crime scenes aren't actually investigated with the crime being solved in an hour as we see on television or even in the couple of weeks some novels wrap up a story. Waiting for lab results on evidence collected sometimes takes days, weeks, even months. 

I loved the down time between workshops just chatting with other authors and discovering I'm not alone in the struggle to carve out time to write and plow through all other associated tasks we all face while life continues to pull us in different directions. Members of the GRW were welcoming and made everyone feel right at home.  

Saturday included a book signing and wrapped up with the Maggie Awards where Southern Magic members were able to cheer for Heather Leonard and her win in the Paranormal Romance category followed by a night of fun and dancing.

If you've not had the chance to attend a GRW Moonlight and Magnolia's writers conference, I highly recommend checking out the date and time of the 2019 event. Maybe I'll see you there.